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OPEN HOUSE – April 28th, 2018 – 11am to 2pm

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August 7-11 7:00am-6:30pm Square One Kids Academy 112 Bauer Drive Oakland, NJ Stop by for information and a tour or call to schedule a weekend or late night visit.

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Summer Camp-Week 2: SPORTS ZONE

Ready, set, go...we were off...Practicing our skills while playing basketball, soccer, and a good old game of catch! It was an active week, with a focus on physical fitness and coordination. Through literature, illustrations, and organized activities, we learned about some of our favorites like baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. We discussed the importance of teamwork and what it truly means to work together. We used our artistic flair make balls for all sports, each time using a different and unique technique! We decorated our rooms with our beautiful works of art, as well! Many of our Pre K friends talked about being famous athletes when they are older. This prompted wonderful discussions on trying our best to achieve our goals! Our field trip this week was to Bounce Safari! What a perfect way to test our strength, agility, speed, and athletic skills! We jumped and bounced on giant bounce [...]

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Summer Camp-Week 1: RED, WHITE & BLUE

We were feeling patriotic, sporting our red, white, and blue attire throughout the week! It's just an amazing feeling to be so proud to be part of the wonderful USA! We discussed the 4th of July holiday, a day to celebrate our beautiful country! We focused on our flag and identified the stars and stripes and what they represent. Some of our classes used clothes pins, pom poms, and paint to recreate our flag. We practiced the Pledge of Allegiance, too! After talking about how our families celebrate the 4th, we made lists that included barbecues, swimming, lots of food, family, and FIREWORKS! To create a 4th of July night sky, we used a dish brush painting technique. What breath taking fireworks in the most vibrant colors we made! Some of us made 3D fireworks with q-tips and paint! We also had our first field trip of the summer to [...]

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It has been a year of many FIRSTS… From: the first day we opened our doors last May Summer Camp Field trips beginning of a new school year Halloween parade Holiday show and visit from Santa Pajama Days Mother’s & Father’s Day breakfasts To: Meeting their new teachers Writing their names Bonding with new friends Reading sight words Watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly Each of these firsts meant something different to each of us, leaving a lasting impression in some way. THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to share these firsts with each of you and your children. As I have said before, it is YOUR confidence and trust in us, from the day you registered your children, that has allowed us to become the Square One Kids Academy we are today. We are a family, a family that continues to grow. To say we are grateful [...]

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Our DONUTS WITH DAD celebration was super sweet! What a fantastic way to spend a little extra special time with our dads! We enjoyed showing our dads all of our classroom activities and centers. It was fun to share our favorite toys with dad and listen to him read some of the books we enjoy most. Our favorite part was when we sang the Father's Day songs we had so eagerly practiced throughout the week! Our dads' smiles were all we needed to let us know they felt special and loved by all we had done! Everyone left with a full belly and an armful of crafts and gifts made especially for them with great big love from their little ones! ??

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