We were feeling patriotic, sporting our red, white, and blue attire throughout the week! It’s just an amazing feeling to be so proud to be part of the wonderful USA!

We discussed the 4th of July holiday, a day to celebrate our beautiful country! We focused on our flag and identified the stars and stripes and what they represent. Some of our classes used clothes pins, pom poms, and paint to recreate our flag. We practiced the Pledge of Allegiance, too! After talking about how our families celebrate the 4th, we made lists that included barbecues, swimming, lots of food, family, and FIREWORKS! To create a 4th of July night sky, we used a dish brush painting technique. What breath taking fireworks in the most vibrant colors we made! Some of us made 3D fireworks with q-tips and paint!

We also had our first field trip of the summer to do some bowling, one of America’s favorite pass times! It was fun for us to be part of a team, cheering each other on, striving to successfully knock down as many pins as possible. Quickly, we were knocking them down and counting aloud the number of pins that had fallen. We even had some spares and strikes! We didn’t even notice there were bumpers on our lanes! 

From fireworks, flags, and family to Lady Liberty, laughter, and love, we are all proud to be Americans! USA…USA…USA!