December 31, 2016 – HANUKKAH WEEK!

HANUKKAH WEEK was filled with fun games, stories, and songs! We discussed how Hanukkah is celebrated by lighting a candle on the menorah each of the 8 nights. We learned about the different foods eaten, like latkes and special jelly doughnuts. Yummy! We sang "Dreidel Dreidel" and learned how to [...]

December 31st, 2016|

December 24, 2016 – CHRISTMAS WEEK!

CHRISTMAS WEEK made us feel so festive, cheery, and filled with love! We spent a lot of time reading holiday stories that made us think about what Christmas is really all about. It's amazing how the season can make even the oldest of us, feel like small children again! Reading [...]

December 24th, 2016|

December 17, 2016 – GINGERBREAD WEEK!

GINGERBREAD WEEK was sweet! We learned gingerbread is a flavor that is sweet like sugar, but has a little spice from the ginger. After tasting it, we say it's just plain yummy! We learned a poem called " My Gingerbread House". In this poem, the children are describing how to [...]

December 17th, 2016|

December 15, 2016 – HOLIDAY PARTY!

Last Thursday evening, we welcomed our families to our FIRST annual holiday party here at Square One! The turn out was amazing and the sheer joy in everyone's faces was simply wonderful! Our older toddlers-Pre K classes performed, singing holiday songs. Oh, how sweet each and every one of them [...]

December 16th, 2016|

December 10, 2016 – WINTER WONDERLAND WEEK!

WINTER WONDERLAND WEEK has been a blustery blast! We talked about what we look forward to this winter and how we will be prepared for it! We've already imagined and planned how we will dress our snowmen, have huge snowball fights with our families, and enjoy some cozy time by [...]

December 10th, 2016|