GINGERBREAD WEEK was sweet! We learned gingerbread is a flavor that is sweet like sugar, but has a little spice from the ginger. After tasting it, we say it’s just plain yummy!

We learned a poem called ” My Gingerbread House”. In this poem, the children are describing how to construct a gingerbread house, but in the end they are not able to resist its sugary sweetness and they gobble it all up!

We created life-size gingerbread kids by tracing our own bodies, constructed gingerbread houses, rolled out dough (play doh) and used cookie cutters of gingerbread men, used sponges to paint them rich shades of brown and tan, and even concocted puff paint as icing to decorate them! I think it’s safe to safe this tasty treat was fun to make, smell, and taste!

We read “Gingerbread Man”, “Library Gingerbread Man”, “Gingerbread Man Loose In The School”, and many others that had a funny twist to the stories of this courageous cookie trying not to get baked and eaten!

We sang songs like “Watch Me Run”, “Where Is My Gingerbread”, and “Five Little Gingerbread Men”. We also learned the sign for “cookie” in sign language.

In phonics, we practiced letter formation in gingerbread salt trays! That was a creative and sweet-smelling way to get us writing! The best part was, it made our classroom smell DELICIOUS while we worked away!