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Dinosaur Week at Square One Kids Academy Camp, 2019

We stomped our feet, swung our tails, and let out the biggest Roooooaaaaar!!! No, we werenā€™t upset...we were turning into DINOSAURS! What a week filled with excavating, uncovering fossils, watching the thawing of prehistoric creatures, and discovering the amazing traits of oh, so many dinos. Using giant dinosaur feet, we trampled through the land, looking for food. Some of us craved the yummy taste of meat, while others were more than happy chomping on leaves, trees, and plants! Reconstructing dinosaur skeletons was tricky, but bone by bone we completed them. Some had giant heads with horns or tiny arms and a great big body or armor on their tails or even wings! WHOA!!!! We ended this awesome adventurous week with what else?? Dinosaur ice cream!! Yummy!

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Splash Time at Square One Kids Academy Camp, 2019

Summertime is SPLASH TIME!

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Disney Week at Square One Kids Academy Camp, 2019

Close your eyes and make a wish. Did you wish for smiles and laughter with a sprinkle of wonder and excitement? So did we and wow, did this week deliver! It was Disney Week at camp and we were just about bursting with excitement each day! We learned all about Walt Disney, the man who started it all. Each day, we read a Disney book and shared about our favorite movies and characters. During science, we made magic apple potions! Some of us tried shoes on Cinderella dolls, trying to find the perfect fit and even designed glass slippers with fine jewels. We gazed into handmade magic mirrors, assembled Mr. Potato Head piece by piece, and used a different technique to paint Mickey Mouse faces. And just when we thought we couldnā€™t take any more fun...Elsa arrived! Yes, right here at Square One, was the beautiful snow queen! She read [...]

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Sports Zone at Square One Kids Academy

Catching, throwing, running, batting, putting, kicking...you name it, we did it during our Sports Zone week at camp! We learned about following rules, being a good sport, trying our best, and enjoying the game. Many of us knew a lot about these sports from watching or playing them with Mommy and Daddy. We finished up the week with the Square One Olympics! There, we exercised our strength and coordination while playing fun games. The football punt, basketball toss, golf putt, and rope jumping tested our eye-hand coordination and large motor skills. The soccer sweep, ninja kicking, and net catch were definitely the favorites of the day! Everyone got a medal in the end, not just because, but for a good reason. We all tried out each sport and gave it our all! Way to go, kiddos!!

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Blasting into Summer

During our first week of Summer Camp, we blasted off into space to explore and discover! We got a closer look at space rocks and even made jetpacks for our upcoming trip into space! Did you know Saturn is light enough to float on water? And that Uranus and Neptune are known as the ice giants because they are the coldest in the solar system? We learned an abundant amount of facts on each planet and the galaxy! To bring this information to life, we had an interactive, hands-on planetarium experience right here at school! We entered a giant inflated bubble and saw the most amazing sights! The planets appeared in the night sky and then out came the beautiful stars. These constellationsā€™ form many different images that make them easy to recognize way up in the sky. This week was out of this world!

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Year-End Show & Pre-K Graduation

On June 20th, we held our annual Year End Show/Pre-K Graduation. We went back to the 80's! It was a time of big hair, mixed tapes, roller skating, Pac Man, and MTV. Our little ones did such a great job performing hits like "Wake Me Up, Holiday, Footloose, Livin' On A Prayer, Fame, and more! A perfect ending to our show and the school year, was our Pre-K's rendition of "I've Had The Time of My Life"!

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