Close your eyes and make a wish. Did you wish for smiles and laughter with a sprinkle of wonder and excitement? So did we and wow, did this week deliver! It was Disney Week at camp and we were just about bursting with excitement each day! We learned all about Walt Disney, the man who started it all. Each day, we read a Disney book and shared about our favorite movies and characters. During science, we made magic apple potions! Some of us tried shoes on Cinderella dolls, trying to find the perfect fit and even designed glass slippers with fine jewels. We gazed into handmade magic mirrors, assembled Mr. Potato Head piece by piece, and used a different technique to paint Mickey Mouse faces. And just when we thought we couldn’t take any more fun…Elsa arrived! Yes, right here at Square One, was the beautiful snow queen! She read to us, sang and danced to her favorite songs, and then, the best part, she made magic snow appear in our hands!! Whoa!!!! This week was magical, indeed!