CHRISTMAS WEEK made us feel so festive, cheery, and filled with love! We spent a lot of time reading holiday stories that made us think about what Christmas is really all about. It’s amazing how the season can make even the oldest of us, feel like small children again! Reading “How The Grinch Stole Christmas”, “Polar Express”, “‘Twas The Night Before Christmas”, and many others had us gleaming with excitement for the big day!

We collaboratively wrote letters to Santa and signed our names. We wanted him to know how very excited we were and how much we loved him! Between our “Santa cam” and our Elf on the Shelf, we were pretty certain he knew we were behaving and being kind and respectful to our teachers and friends! We learned how to wrap presents, too! Imagine that? Toddlers carefully observing and then beautifully wrapping gifts! We created reindeer using toilet paper rolls, used our own hand and foot prints to recreate The Grinch, and even designed and painted a Christmas tree for our classroom “Let’s Imagine” center!

We used circles to create patterns while making candy canes and used red, green, and white pom poms to practice our math skills of counting and sorting! We continued patterns using Christmas pictures, helping us to figure out what comes next.

Yet, I think our favorite part of the festivities was Holiday Pajama Day! Who doesn’t like to be comfy and cozy all day? As a special treat, we got to watch the movie “Rudolph The Red-Nosed Reindeer”! We took our blankets and headed to the “movie theater” set up in our gym and enjoyed popcorn and snuggle time with our friends!

With carols being sung throughout the halls and the children beaming with excitement and anticipation, I’d say we were ready to celebrate this special time of year with our family and friends. Did I mention we were excited?? Wishing I could bottle up the joy this season brings and keep it with us all year long! Children and Christmas are some how more magical every year! Wishing you all a blessed, magical holiday, bursting with love and beautiful memories!