Ready, set, go…we were off…Practicing our skills while playing basketball, soccer, and a good old game of catch!

It was an active week, with a focus on physical fitness and coordination. Through literature, illustrations, and organized activities, we learned about some of our favorites like baseball, basketball, soccer, and football. We discussed the importance of teamwork and what it truly means to work together.

We used our artistic flair make balls for all sports, each time using a different and unique technique! We decorated our rooms with our beautiful works of art, as well! Many of our Pre K friends talked about being famous athletes when they are older. This prompted wonderful discussions on trying our best to achieve our goals!

Our field trip this week was to Bounce Safari! What a perfect way to test our strength, agility, speed, and athletic skills! We jumped and bounced on giant bounce inflatables, basketball hoops, and more! Having the freedom to jump, run, and play was just an awesome addition to our sports themed week!