It has been a year of many FIRSTS…

the first day we opened our doors last May
Summer Camp
Field trips
beginning of a new school year
Halloween parade
Holiday show and visit from Santa
Pajama Days
Mother’s & Father’s Day breakfasts

Meeting their new teachers
Writing their names
Bonding with new friends
Reading sight words
Watching a caterpillar turn into a butterfly

Each of these firsts meant something different to each of us, leaving a lasting impression in some way.
THANK YOU for giving us the opportunity to share these firsts with each of you and your children.
As I have said before, it is YOUR confidence and trust in us, from the day you registered your children, that has allowed us to become the Square One Kids Academy we are today.

We are a family, a family that continues to grow. To say we are grateful is an understatement!

Every morning, we are greeted with hugs and smiles from your children and I mean every. single. morning.
I can’t tell you the volume that speaks, not only about you as parents, but about us here at school.

These bonds are sincere, strong, and so very meaningful!
I’m not sure all teachers and directors can say the same, but I AM proud to say our family here at Square One is so genuine and over flowing with love.

So again, THANK YOU…for giving us the opportunity each day to teach, nurture, love, and watch your children grow and learn. It is MY personal pleasure to lead these amazing teachers to do just that every day.

Now onto the show! The Pink Flamingo, Green Parrot, and Blue Peacock classes performed music we can all relate to…Rock & Roll!! Their singing and choreography was spectacular! They completely dazzled a room full of 100 people!!
PROUD…so very proud of these beautiful and amazing children!

After the show, we celebrated the BIGGEST FIRST of this magical year, the graduation of our first Pre K class.
Each of these children are ready to enter kindergarten, sharing all they have learned here with their new friends and teachers.
We are sad to see them go, but so proud to send them off to elementary school to shine as we know they will!