AROUND THE WORLD WEEK has been an amazing journey! We “traveled” to wonderful places all over the globe, like Australia, Italy, England, France, Egypt, and Japan. Oh the places we have gone and the things we have learned…

We got our passports ready and off we went, flying many miles to reach our destination. With each stop, we got the most amazing stamp in our passport books! These will forever be a reminder of our journey around the world with our dearest friends!

While in Japan, we learned all about the busy city of Tokyo. We learned “konnichiwa, doomo arigato, and sayonara” which mean good afternoon, thank you, and goodbye. The highlight of our trip was making our own sushi and painting cherry blossoms!

When in Rome (or Venice ?) as they say…take gondola rides, walking tours, and indulge in delicious pasta and gelato. We did! During our brief stay here, we used our manners with words like “per favore and grazie”, which mean please and thank you.

We had the time of our lives in France! Listening to French music while enjoying croissants with friends was wonderful! We saw beautiful abstract paintings by artist Henry Matisse. This inspired us to create similar art that he would be so proud to see! The sight of the Eiffel Tower had us in awe! We tried to make replicas of this using blocks and large legos. We now say “bon jour and merci”, too!

Egypt’s pyramids and the Great Sphinx of Giza were awesome! Wow! We made mini pyramids made from sugar cubes, using our memory to recreate their shape and design.

Last, we went to jolly old England, visiting London and learning about the Royal Palace and the Queen! As we sipped on tea, we took in all the sights. We later got creative and used tea bags to paint, making the most colorful mural!

We have become quite the world travelers! Through our brief visit to each wonderful destination, we learned the biggest lesson yet…that despite our differences, the most amazing part of each of us, is the love/respect we have for one another!