The LOVE OF LITERATURE starts here! Beginning in our infant class, the children are exposed to literature each and every day! Their innate thirst for knowledge is simply amazing! Even at this early stage, reading is an essential part of our day here at Square One. We aim to foster each child’s natural desire to hear, see, and experience new things as they journey through each of our classes, always utilizing literature to engage them and enhance our lessons.

Our Library & Technology Room gives the children the opportunity to explore books on their own, selecting topics in which they have great interest or simply choosing a book based on pictures that catch their eye. Here, they can read with their friends, finding sight words and using the pictures to create or retell the story.

On the iPads, the children can work independently or as a team, using educational apps. The focus here is on letter/sound recognition, letter formation, sorting, counting, creating patterns, and so much more. The iPad is a helpful tool to reinforce these lessons learned in the classroom.

We invite our parents to utilize our Library & Technology Room at pick-up. If you have a little extra time, find a cozy spot and take a few minutes to read with your little one!