During TRANSPORTATION WEEK, we were zipping and zooming while learning about the many different ways to travel! We discovered that we can get from here to there by land, sea, and air. Compiling a list of vehicles was the fun part! We thought of so many like cars, trains, planes, boats, trucks, buses, and even hot air balloons!

Our creativity really took off, as we created airplanes made of clothespins and craft sticks, trains using egg cartons, stop lights, license plates, and so much more! We spent a lot of time building and constructing bridges and roadways to drive our cars and trucks on during playtime in our Let’s Build centers. The “car wash” was open here at Square One and boy, did we get those cars squeaky clean! Our sensory tables also got transformed into mini highways and local streets using black beans, straws, pom poms, and of course…CARS!

While reading “Things That Go”, “Taking You Places”, “If I Built A Car”, ” Duck In The Truck” and countless others, we heard all about how each vehicle operates and how to safely ride in and drive them! Our poem “Here We Go” was a catchy little rhyme to help us list the many ways to drive, fly, and sail to our favorite places! Speaking of our favorite places…stay tuned until next week to find out WHERE we are off to!