ARCTIC ANIMALS WEEK took us on an exploration to the icy cold climates where these amazing animals live! We took a closer look at polar bears, walruses, beluga whales, arctic foxes, and penguins.

Did you know that polar bears have black skin? And even though their fur appears white, it is actually transparent! While reading the book “Penguins”, we learned that these birds do not fly! Penguins are excellent swimmers and divers though! We were blown away to find out the enormous size of walruses! They can weigh up to 3,000 pounds! Whoaaa!!

In art, we created these animals using so many different materials. Using the facts we learned, helped us bring each of these creatures to life! As we created them, we talked about their features, like huge paws on polar bears which help them catch fish, and how the arctic fox’s fur is brown in summer and white in winter! It was amazing to hear all the information we all retained as we shared our favorite facts aloud as we worked!

It was an arctic freeze at our sensory tables as well! Some were filled with fake snow, others with real snow we collected outside, and one with icy cold water with “mini icebergs” (ice cubes)…all with arctic animals swimming and splashing about!

With a break from the “arctic chill” here in NJ, we joyfully played outside in the sun! There’s plenty more winter left and we are all excited to build igloos in real snow and use our new -found knowledge to do as the arctic animals do and enjoy the snow and cold days to come!