SNOW WEEK was a blustery blizzard of fun! Did you know that when water freezes in the clouds and they get too heavy, snow comes falling down? We learned all about how snow forms and all the wonderful activities we can do in or with the snow. Most of us love to make snow angels and go sledding! We also learned that each and every snowflake is different and unique, just like us!

We used colored ice cubes to paint a large mural for our Pre K classroom! The icy colors were so pretty as they melted onto the paper with each stroke. We made snowflake impressions using paint and pipe cleaners that quickly made our pages into a winter scene. Marshmallows were the perfect tool to paint snowmen in our Preschool class! We also created giant snowmen using doilies and made the cutest little wobbly penguins, strengthening our fine motor skills, as we tore tiny pieces of paper.

We practiced letter formation in “sparkle snow”! The glittery snow made us feel like we were in a fairy tale snow storm! We worked on size order, sequencing, and matching using snowmen. In the older toddler room, we sat on a magical snowman blanket during circle time and wished for snow. The very next day, we got some! We were so excited! While playing with the REAL snow, we were able to feel and squish the icy cold crystals through our fingers.

We learned how to sign “snow” and some of us walked around signing it over and over, hoping it would bring more our way! We sang songs like “Snowflakes, Snowflakes” and “You Are My Snowman”. Each book we read made us more excited for this wintery season and all the snow play we will have! So the kids say “bring on the snow”! I say “in moderation please!!!”. Snow is pretty and part of living in NJ, but blizzards are another story! 🙂