ALL ABOUT ME WEEK taught us to be proud of who we are! We discussed how we are different in many ways, similar in other ways, and how important it is to love ourselves and be our best.

We read “I’m Gonna Like Me”, “I Like Myself”, “I Can Be Anything”, “When I Grow Up”, and “From Head To Toe”. These stories were to inspire us to stand proud and celebrate who we are! Some of the stories prompted a discussion on what we want to be when we grow up. We are proud to say we have some upcoming veterinarians, fairies, dentists, and mommies!

In art, we traced our bodies on mural paper, wow, are we becoming big kids now…so big and tall! We created personalized mirrors so we could see and describe ourselves, too!

Yoga and Music & Movement classes were fun as always. We are getting to be pros at many of the yoga poses and are eagerly working on our balance and coordination while moving to the music!

Friday was our extra special Grandparents’ Day! All our grandmas and grandpas were invited to join us for some playtime and special treats. We played on the playground (and a grandpa or two went down the slides with us!), worked on puzzles together, colored pictures, and listened to stories. There’s just something about story time with grandparents that is so heartwarming! Even if we didn’t have our own grandma and grandpa here, we enjoyed sharing those of our friends. The look of adoration and admiration in each of the adults’ and children’s faces was simply the best part of the day!

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