WELCOME BACK TO SCHOOL WEEK was full of all things new…new classrooms, routines, toys, lessons, and friends! Each class was bursting with big smiles (a few tears) and sheer excitement! The Pre K class learned a new school pledge and practiced the signs for “teacher”, “school”, and the letter “s”. In the Discovery Center, they experimented with magnets and paper clips (all while wearing some super hero costumes, of course!).  The new school year jitters quickly disappeared after reading books like “If You Take A Mouse To School”, “Pete The Cat Rocking In My School Shoes”, and “The Kissing Hand”. In art, the classes made school buses, their own Berenstain Bears, Pete The Cat, and the cutest hand print poems to remember their first day of school!  Music & Movement class was fun and a good way to use our large motor skills to get us moving, and time in our library relaxed us as we shared some of our favorite books with one another. The toddlers were happily singing their circle time songs and practicing new signs! Our sensory activities included: rice tables where we searched for the letters of the alphabet, small water tubs filled with different colored shapes where we splashed about, and bean tables where we poured and measured as we “cooked” with our friends! And I do believe our infant class made THE CUTEST little back-to-school crafts…oh, those little hands and feet!

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