FALL WEEK with its beautiful and vibrant colors had us all bright and cheery! We learned about all the “magic” that takes place during the autumn months and why these changes happen. While reading “A Tree For All Seasons”, we discussed the changes that trees undergo throughout the seasons, focusing on why leaves change colors and “fall” all around us. We made our own fall foliage using foil and paint…Oh, the colors were wonderful!

The book ” How Many Seeds In A Pumpkin” was full of information we never knew about, like how the number of seeds in a pumpkin is determined by the number of lines on the outside of a pumpkin! Who knew?! Did you know that the longer a pumpkin is on the vine, the deeper the color is when picked? Ask us to share some more fall facts with you!

We created fall wreaths out of tissue paper, pumpkins using foam painting (shaving cream and paint!), jack-o-lanterns out of mini water bottles, squirrels with bushy tails ready to collect acorns, and even used bubble wrap to create texture on pumpkins!

Lastly, we all took nature walks in the crisp fall weather! We collected leaves and acorns and have used them to enhance our fall projects, as well as in math! I’d say we are loving this season and excited for the many fun activities autumn brings! So grab your sweater ( and a rake!) and let’s go have some fun out there!

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