HALLOWEEN WEEK full of spooky fun was surely an exciting week! We decorated our “haunted house” (aka our school) with creepy crawling spiders and bats made from our handprints, candy corn using paint and tissue paper, mummies, monsters, jack-o-lanterns, and more! We even became mummies ourselves while our friends wrapped us up! The fun part was breaking out of the wrap!

Our favorite sensory activity was working with our carved pumpkins! We couldn’t wait to get our hands inside them and get messy! We pulled out the pulp and seeds. Some of us didn’t like the texture and smell! Later, we used the seeds in math activities, like counting by 10’s. Our Pre K pumpkin had 440 seeds!! Other sensory activities included neon slime bags and bins to squeeze, shape, and shake AND fall sensory bins with leaves and hidden creepy critters!

And what could be better than Pajama Day?! That’s right, we spent the day in our jammies! Nap time was like a giant sleepover party!
We read “Mouse’s First Halloween”, “Boo”, “Scaredy-Cat Splat” and so many others. These stories got our imaginations going and off we went, talking about the costumes we will wear and the things we will do and see on Halloween…the thrill was certainly in the air!

Just when we thought we couldn’t wait another minute…Halloween was here!!! We could hardly contain ourselves waiting for the clock to get to 3:00pm…parade and party time!!! We got dressed into our costumes and were eager to see each of our friends as they became superheroes, princesses, police officers, animals, insects, and robots! Wow!!!! We looked awesome! We made our way outside and saw our families there waving to us while taking pictures like the paparazzi and the most amazing part…they kept giving us CANDY! All of this was followed by a party with more treats and laughter with our friends and family! We all had an amazing day (and week!) Boy, we were we pooped the next day!