Throughout BIRDS WEEK, we have spread our wings and taken flight, encountering many feathered friends along the way! From peacocks, flamingos, and parrots to ducks and robins (all our favorites, of course!), we have gathered up endless information about birds of all kinds. We learned that robins lay blue eggs and although a toucan’s beak appears to be heavy, it is actually as light as a feather! Who knew?

Books such as “Little Home Bird”, “Beaks”, “Birds”, and “Don’t Let The Pigeon Drive The Bus” showed us vivid pictures/details of many bird species. We are now able to identify quite a few of them! As our Pre K continues their search for sight words, they used this week’s books to see who could find more. They are excited to read each word aloud as they find it! The smiles on their faces are just beaming with pride and that “I can read” enthusiasm!

Working on our fine motor skills, we tried feather beading and made bird feeders using Cheerios. There was paint, glue, and feathers everywhere during creative art time! Some of our birds looked so real, we thought they would just fly away!

A few of our sensory tables were filled with bird seed! Some had hidden alphabet letters, which created a search and identify activity. Others had cups and scoopers to help our young toddlers work on their fine motor skills, too! The scooping, pouring, dumping, and filling is great for their little hands, strengthening their muscles! We even had sensory tables filled with materials suitable for nest building! We sorted through the straw, twigs, and feathers and found chicks and eggs!

Our older toddlers painted wooden bird houses, so they can continue to bird watch at home. Their beautiful houses are sure to attract a variety of birds throughout Spring and Summer!