Summer Camp-Week 8:THE OLYMPIC GAMES!

Ready, set,…GOLD! Last week was all about the Olympic games! We discussed our favorite sports (soccer seemed to be the winner!), the opening ceremony at the Olympics, and watched a short video clip of the torch relay and cauldron lighting in Rio. We had a torch passing relay right in our classroom and made our very own torches to take home, using aluminum foil and tissue paper! We also made an Olympic ring mural using paint and paper towels rolls.

We sang “Ready, Set, Sports”, a catchy Olympic tune to get us ready for the “Olympic Games” set up in our indoor play area! Everyone displayed excellent sportsmanship and each of us was awarded a gold medal!

We read books, such as “How To Train With A T-Rex and Win 8 Gold Medals”, “G is For Gold Medal: An Olympics Alphabet”, “Touch The Sky” and many others that taught us how much hard work and dedication it takes to become an Olympian.

Using colored tiles in the Olympic colors, we practiced math skills, such as sorting, counting, and creating patterns! We learned the sign for Olympics as well.

And the favorite event of the week was our field trip to Jumpin’ Jax! We practiced jumping, climbing, tumbling, and sliding! Oh, what fun it is to be an athlete!

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