Summer Camp-Week 9: IT’S A ZOO IN HERE!
Lions, tigers, and bears…oh my! It’s been a wild week here at the zoo! We discussed all the animals we would see at the zoo and made some very creative animals right here in our classrooms! The Pre K class, created ferociously friendly lions and made panda bears using fork painting. The infant class made hand print peacocks, bears, and flamingos. We read “Z Is For Zookeeper” and learned what an important job a zookeeper has! We searched for baby zoo animals in our sensory table and talked about the animals we would see during our trip to the BC Zoo. While reading “If Anything Goes Wrong At The Zoo””, we discussed how we need to respect the animals during our visit. In yoga class, we practiced zoo animal poses and also learned the sign for “zoo” in sign language. Ask us to show you! “One, Two, Zoo” was our poem this week, which helped us with number word recognition, counting, and rhyming. Lastly, our trip to the BC Zoo was exciting as we got to visit and explore many different species of animals like birds, tortoises, monkeys, bison, and many more! Our favorite part by far, was riding the Zoo Express train where we got an up close view of the animals. A picnic lunch to finish our day was just great!

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