ON THE FARM WEEK seemed to come to life with our discussions, stories, art, sensory activities, and a trip to the farm! We talked a lot about all the things we can get from the farm and how important farmers are to all of us. We made long lists of food grown and raised on farms, animals that live there, and the jobs done to keep a farm productive.

We read “Pigs To The Rescue”, ” Lazy Daisy, Crazy Frankie”, “Click Clack Moo-Cows That Type”, “Funny Farm” and many others that had us giggling and singing along!

We worked on our writing and cutting skills, phonics, and math using farm activity sheets and materials. We practiced picture/word recognition with farm pictures and worked on animal matching activities. Ms. Stephanie even created a barnyard sensory bin filled with hay, farm animals, and stable fences! This was especially fun to play at while singing our song for the week, “Take Me Out To The Barnyard”! We also added farm, sheep, and cow to our sign language list.

During creative art time, we made sheep out of painted bubble wrap, pigs constructed from the letter P, cows, and even barns made from popsicle sticks! Boy, are we all getting super creative!

Lastly, during our field trip to Abma’s farm, we took a tractor driven hayride to the pumpkin patch to pick out the perfect pumpkins! We also got to snack on homemade donuts and juice, feed the animals we talked about all week, and enjoyed a picnic lunch with all of our friends! What a day! What a week! 🙂

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