LEAVES/TREES WEEK had us whirling and twirling with songs and finger plays throughout the week! Bringing the outside in was the best part! We collected leaves, acorns, rocks, and sticks and used them at our sensory tables, as manipulatives during math, and to give our art projects that real-nature extra pop!

We read “Ruby’s Falling Leaves”, “Autumn Leaves”,”Leaf Trouble”, and “Why Do Leaves Change Color”. We were able to see magnified pictures that revealed each leaf’s details and beauty. We talked about the different types of leaves and identified the trees from which they come.

Art involving nature was something we truly enjoyed! We created leaf rubbings and the amazement on our faces when we slowly saw the leaves appear, was just spectacular! We made wreathes with the leaves we had hand picked off of the ground and displayed them in our classrooms. Oh, the beautiful trees we painted were stunning as well!

Our math lessons included using rocks to count and sort. We were so good at this activity! Some of us also made patterns using several different types/colors of leaves. Scissor skill is something we are so proudly improving on weekly and this week was no different.

Overall, this week brought us outside and gave us an unbeLEAFable sense of connecting to all the beautiful nature that surrounds us!

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