DR. SEUSS WEEK was just plain wacky! While wearing our crazy socks, showing off our crazy hairstyles, turning our clothes inside out, and modeling our crazy hats, we were sporting our silliest looks here at school!

We spent much of our time reading all of our favorite Dr. Seuss books. Each tongue-twisting, playful tale had our imaginations running wild! Oh, Dr. Seuss could surely make us laugh and wonder! “Green Eggs And Ham” was a favorite of ours. Some of our friends used a marble painting technique to create green eggs. Others used paint and paper to make the most delicious eggs and ham! “One Fish, Two Fish, Red Fish, Blue Fish” had us diving into the deep! We found all types of fish “swimming” in our sensory tables. Our hands were turned into fish to create those brightly colored characters. Some of us used tissue paper, glue, paint, and other craft supplies to make our own silly pet fish, as well.

We had wockets in our pockets, met up with Thing 1 and Thing 2, and even made some socks for foxes! It’s exciting to put our creativity to the test to mimic the characters and phrases from many of his books! Some of our friends had classroom sensory bins filled with bright and vibrant colored feathers and shredded paper. Here, they searched for alphabet letters as they identified them in the books. Other classes conducted science experiments, including one where they concocted Dr. Seuss cloud dough!

Our classroom doors have become beautiful, colorful murals that Dr. Seuss himself would be proud to see! Somehow, they just make each room seem more inviting and engaging! Paying tribute to this talented author was a pleasure! On March 2nd, we celebrated his birthday by wearing red and white like the Cat In The Hat with hats to match and sang HAPPY HAPPY BIRTHDAY, DR. SEUSS (while enjoying some birthday treats, of course)!????