Summer Camp-Week 5: MAD SCIENCE

Our week was filled with experiments and discoveries! Using bubbles and straws, we conducted an art experiment! We created Epsom salt paintings, which was a class favorite! And our very own garden was planted…we can’t wait to watch our flowers and veggies grow!
We discussed what our Earth is made of: solids, liquids, and gas and increased our scientific vocabulary as we read throughout the week, learning words like nocturnal and echolocation. While reading “Curious George Discovers The Senses”, we explored our 5 senses.
“The Science Song”, which we sang all week, taught us about hibernation, evaporation, gravity, and metamorphosis.
We also had a visit from “Mad Science” who took us on an exploration of space! We tried on astronaut gloves and made our very own slime!! What a BLAST!!!

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