Summer Camp-Week 3: A BUG’S LIFE

What a fun fun fun week it has been!!! Upfront alert…a long post and too many pictures on this post…there was just too much going on and pictures were just too good to not post 🙂!

During our Bug’s Life Week we learned some amazing facts about many different kind of bugs and it was so cute to listen to the kids say some new vocabulary words like “Thorax”, “External skeleton” and “abdomen” 🙂! Books of the week were “The Very Clumsy Click Beetle”, The Very Quiet Cricket”, ” A Very Busy Spider”, “Bugs and Insects”, “I Love Bugs” and an audio book “Lea, The Lighting Bug”. Singing to the “Firefly song”, “Eensy Wensy Spider”, “I am a Firefly” and hopping like a grasshopper, were some of the other highlights. Even our infants got into the bugs theme by using their fingers and hands to paint lady bugs, ants, and spiders.

We continued to de-stress during our weekly Yoga class and loved to show off our moves during our Dance and Music class. Water play and ice cream days continue to remain one of our favorite days of the week for all but the biggest highlight of this week was a visit from Outragehisss Pets!! We all got to see and pet an armadillo, iguana, sugar monkey, tortoise, chinchilla, and our favorite, a 6 feet long boa constrictor!

We hope you all had an Outragehisss week like we did!! We have kicked off our Week 4 exploring “Under the Sea” and will keep you posted with what we discover on our voyage.

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