VALENTINES WEEK reminded us that we are surrounded by love! Sometimes it takes a special time to let others know how much we care, so all week, we have done just that! It was heart-warming to see all our friends being so kind and expressing how much we care about one another!
Our focus was on kindness, love, and generosity. We discussed how to show and receive love and respect. We made lists of the people that mean the most to us. Our mommies and daddies were on top, of course! Our favorite things were also talked about, and wow, were these lists long! Spending time with family, going to the park, visiting friends, and going outside to play were a few of our absolute favorites.

It was hearts galore in each of our classrooms. We used hearts for jumping during some gross motor activities. Our sensory bins were filled with rice, hearts,and rose petals, along with scoopers and cups. Measuring, mixing, scooping, and pouring were great practice for the toddlers’ fine motor skills, as well. Hearts and hearts and more hearts were used and created during art. And what better way to work on our math skills…using conversation hearts, of course!
Countless books about Valentine’s Day, love, and kindness were read throughout the week. “Franklin’s Valentines”, “The Valentine Bears”, “Love You Always”, and “Pate The Cat Valentine’s Day Is Cool” were just a few we enjoyed.

We later celebrated with a Valentine’s Day party with treats and fun games. We were thrilled to pass out valentines to each of our classmates! Oh, how excited we were to fill our hand-made mailboxes with cards and goodies from the friends we love!