As we do this week’s final Dinosaur march to the tune of Laurie Berkner’s “We are the Dinosaur”, we revisit our Dinosaur lessons of the week. What a fun time we had learning about the different types of Dinosaurs using the song “Five Big Dinosaurs”, reading books like “Dinosaurs!” by Gail Gibbons, learning the letter D, creating a jungle mural all with Dino footprints, putting together our large floor Dinosaur puzzle, and our creative craft projects. We even hatched some Dino eggs 🙂! Check out some pictures of this week and have a Dino-mite weekend all !!

Dino 5Dino 6Dino 4 Dino 17 Dino 14 Dino 13 Dino 12 Dino 8 Dino 2Dino 1